General Maintenance

General Maintenance a car engine

Keep Your Car Running at Its Best

Most people ignore their tires, yet tires are undoubtedly a critical safety component on a vehicle. Where the rubber meets the road affects traction, handling, steering, stability and braking. Because of this, a sudden tire failure can have serious consequences, especially if it occurs when operating at high speeds.

The general maintenance schedule within your owner’s manual is provided by the people who understand your vehicle the best

—the company that built it. The manufacturer provides suggestions for how often you need to change your oil, filters, driving belts, timing belts and more.

While some preventative maintenance—such as topping off fluids—can be performed by the vehicle’s owner,

 other, more complicated procedures should be done by experts like the team at West Coast Auto & Towing .

By following your vehicle’s owner’s manual and having your vehicle inspected and maintained regularly, you can greatly reduce problems and save money in the long run. Let the auto repair expert team at West Coast Auto & Towing help your vehicle stay in good condition.

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